In my little world, if you asked anyone relatively close to me to describe me as a person, they’d all have totally different responses. And if you asked me to describe myself, my response would be completely different from theirs. Who is Bri Cain? That’s a rather difficult question because I honestly don’t have a simple answer.

I’ve been living a double life for quite some time. The lines between who I am, who I wish I wasn’t and who I’ve allowed people to think I am eventually became blurry. I am a young woman who is learning to be transparent, but I am still stubbornly and frightfully guarding my true self. That fear is not derived from worry about what others think, it’s more so a fear of accepting and living in my own truths.

I am a daughter, who wants to be nothing like my parents, but innately cannot help it. I’m the silly and strong friend with all the answers, who is not okay a lot of the time. I am a mother blessed with such a great gift, but I am still not whole. Above all, I am a person, swallowed by my thoughts, too proud to ask for help and combatting issues those closest to me don’t even know exist.

While I do exude confidence and strength, I have also struggled with low self-esteem and depression. I have experienced God’s greatest gifts of life and love, but I have yet to attain and maintain happiness and peace of mind. I’m a self-sabotager, filled with self-doubt a vast majority of the time. And what’s harder for me than admitting when I’m wrong is admitting that I do, in fact, have feelings and they get hurt sometimes, too.

I am not put together, but I am not broken. There is nothing wrong with me. Attribute my shortcomings to basic human error. ¬†We were created to be imperfect and people tend to forget that. While there’s a list of things I’m working on to improve myself and there’s also a list of things I refuse to change. I’m not proud of all that I embody, but I am not ashamed of it anymore either.

Neither should you be.


#BtheExample is a catchy, simple hashtag and can be interpreted two ways as “B, the Example” and “be the example.” My site is a life + inspiration blog and my content will be heavily centered on things I’ve gone through as a young woman that I can share to help other women.

To only be 25, I’ve lived quite a life already and there is a lot more to come. Originally, I planned on just documenting my life for my eyes only, but then I realized how many young women could benefit from my testaments. So here I am, finding my voice in this world and USING it. I’ve been quiet long enough and I will not be silenced again.

I just ask that you keep an open mind and an open heart… to be enlightened, to be empowered and to be the example!